Insights into new technologies for marine plastic recycling

Marine plastic pollution

300 million tonnes of plastics waste are currently flowing around in the ocean, which equals nearly a third of the surface of the U.S.

Since the oceans cover 72% of our planet, it is important to find solutions to this problem with urgency!

Brendan Nagelin, consultant specialized in the areas of blockchain and aerospace sees huge potential in new technologies. 


Combining technologies for new insights

Brendan states that the combination of blockchain and nanosatellites is creating new opportunities for the solution of environmental issues.

Currently, the combining technologies are still in developing stages, but he is convinced their potential impact on this field is very promising since their use can provide valuable new knowledge.  


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Brendan Nagelin has shared his expertise on this topic with the eCircular networking group. Head over to our LinkedIn or find the article here. You’re invited to have a read and share your thoughts. 

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