EIT Climate-KIC supports digital roadmap for a circular economy

The EIT Climate-KIC is advocating for the alignment of the EU’s circular economy and digital agendas

The EU is currently promoting the creation of a circular economy and the digital revolution, two developments with the potential to massively transform our society and economy, however, the two agendas are not aligned yet. 

A recently published discussion paper where the EIT Climate-KIC has been involved, states that when addressing sustainability challenges, a systemic strategy is needed in order to maximize synergies between both areas. With regard to the intended contribution to long-term sustainable economic, social and environmental prosperity, both approaches should be managed together in a consistent manner. 



Digital Roadmap for a Circular Economy

The Digital Roadmap for a Circular Economy, examines the role of European policy, economic instruments and digitally enabled solutions to promote a transition towards a circular economy. If adequately steered, digital development could boost the transition. Data and digital solutions are already used to educate and influence people , including via several products and services developed through EIT Climate-KIC funding . 


Find more information on the EIT Climate KIC‘s role here. A more extensive final study will be published in late autumn 2019.