Quick scan tool for designing reusable products & packaging

The eCircular Consortium member and sustainability consultancy firm Ecomatters has developed a design for reusability tool for companies that want to move away from selling non-reusable products and packaging. The tool is applied primarily while starting-up the product design phase as it helps to gain a basic understanding of the impact on the business as well as the environment. 


What is it for?

Speed-up design and implementation of new reusable products and packaging to facilitate moving away from single-use products and packaging. 


How is it used?

Through a quick assessment and reference tool covering a number of different aspects important to product design, but also aspects around environmental impact, business model and operational set-up. It is designed to assist in creating comprehensive project plans that will convince executives.


When and for whom?

This tool is useful when wanting to move forward with ideation outcomes and is designed for an SME and start-up audience.


Click here for the tool