Guest Article Series – Cirplus

We have asked cirplus, the Climate-KIC supported recyclates marketplace, to give us an insight into the plastics market from a start-up’s perspective. In the upcoming article series, Christian Schiller, Co-Founder of cirplus, is taking a closer look at the challenges of the circular plastics economy these days.

With the Covid19-crisis significantly affecting our global society and economy, sustainability concerns seem to get less attention, with the issue of plastic pollution being no exception. Christian Schiller, Co-founder and CEO of cirplus, took a moment to reflect on the challenges of the circular plastics economy.

Cirplus is a global B2B-marketplace for recyclates and plastic waste feedstock, facilitated by the Climate-KIC. By connecting waste owners, converters and recyclers, the start-up is collating supply and demand of recycled plastics. The platform makes the selling and buying of secondary plastics more efficient than ever, reducing transaction costs and thus accelerating the use of recycled plastics. Cirplus is pursuing the vision to close the loop and realise 100% circular plastics.  In times of the global pandemic, the digital approach of the platform becomes especially relevant and represents an effective and sustainable measure to strengthen the depressed economy and fragile supply chains these days.

The guest articles for eCircular outline the complex landscape of recycling and plastics. Christian Schiller takes a closer look at what lies ahead for the industry, stating: “While the world of plastic and recycling is holding its breath, bracing for impact, make no mistake: the battle for the future of plastics is only on pause, not called off.” In the following weeks, his full analysis will be published in a series of articles in our LinkedIn group and on this website.