European Plastic Pact signed by 81 Parties

European Plastic Pact signed

Recently, 81 parties from across Europe came together to sign the European Plastic Pact. They set themselves ambitious targets for 2025 in order to achieve an increase in the circularity of plastics. Together they address the end-of-life of packaging and single-use products through concerted action on a number of aspects. Their efforts are based on the vision that was laid out by Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy.

The signatories strive for more cooperation in the value chain and have set to clear targets around increasing recyclability and re-use. At the same time harmonization and standardization efforts will be deployed to facilitate this process. The ambition is to move past existing European regulations.

At the same time the goal is to expand the collection and sorting of all plastics increasing the rate of recycled content used in products and packaging to up to 30%.Furthermore, the ambition is to experiment, share and collectively learn together driving implementation forward.

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