Plastic Waste Prevention – Challenge

Monika Mirkowska

Do you know the 5 Rs of waste management? I am sure you do. Have you tried to introduce them to your life? Let consider our behavior in the sense of plastics waste prevention.


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5 days and 5 Rs for Plastic Materials

Each day of the five-day challenge, take a closer look at one aspect of behavior and then try to modify it.
Next, fill out the table attached below.

Please send me your answers when the challenge is completed.
If you are interested in comparing your considerations with the considerations and comments of other challenge participants, I will present a summary in September 2019. Just read our blog.


Just that you know

We assure you that the challenge is anonymous. Your answers will not be shared with anyone and will be deleted in September 2019. Also we will prepare a summary in September 2019 on our eCircular blog comparing your considerations and comments with those of other participants.

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