eCircular at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe (PRS)

Amsterdam, Netherlands
10 Apr 2019

From the 10-11th of April 2019 the PRS Europe 2019 (Plastics Recycling Show) took place in Amsterdam. Turns out that the event was a educational combination of a fair and a conference. Moreover, a Plastics Recycling Awards Europe in seven categories was part of the program. Gian de Belger (Principal Scientist, Protector & Gamble) was awarded as Plastics Recycling Ambassador of the Year. 

Take-Home Message?

Some solutions presented during the show allow producing items made of recycled plastics in 100 % – they needed very close cooperation with producers of plastics elements to be sure that plastics elements follow eco-design expectations and are traceable and thus can be preliminary segregated before shredding. But at the end of the day, plastics recyclers are still waiting for consolidated and well-formulated European regulations.

Good News
For those who could not attend or did not know about the event: the next PRS takes place on 25-26th of March 2020 in Amsterdam.


More Information About the Show