Circular Economy Indicators for Plastics Value Chain in Manufacturing

Case Study

Defining indicators on plastic circularity for packaging industry

The challenge

Measuring circularity performance is nowadays one of the most discussed issue among researchers, policymakers and company managers. Taking into account that circular economy models can be applied at different levels (from product to process and service) and at different stages of the value chain (from design to recycling), the challenge appears really complex. The circular economy indicators for plastic value chains here discussed are fits in the European policy and strategy on plastics. These indicators will assess the circularity of products (from the legislative, economical and technical & technological perspectives) and lead plastic packaging producers towards innovation and sustainability.

What we want to achieve

We are defining indicators on plastic circularity for packaging industry by measuring performance management system, integrating circularity in R&D, design, production and procurement decisions. If applied within companies working in the regional plastic district, the tool could give an overview of the regional plastic value chain. It could support policy makers to direct regional investments and improve industry standards and regulations to make the  value chain more integrated.


University of Bologna, Emilia Romagna Region, ILIP Spa, CURTI Srl